20 Indigenous Oil Traders Make NNPC list For Crude Oil Exporters

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), has released the full list of companies that will lift Nigeria’s crude for the export market from July 2018 to June 2020.

The list of 50 firms include 20 indigenous players, more than 18 Nigerian companies approved for the contract ‎ between 2017 and 2018.

The schedule is completed by 30 foreign firms. Each company is expected to lift 30,000 barrels per day, bpd, a drop of 2,000bpd from the previous year.

The full list as listed in a statement signed by NNPC Group General Manager, Crude Oil Marketing Division, Mele Kyari, are: Vitol, Trafigura, Glencore, MRS, Matrix Energy, Aipec, AMG, Arkleen, Augusta, Barbedos, BB Energy, Bono Energy, Calson, Cassiva, Cepsa, Cretus, Eterna Oil, Gladius Commodities, Hinstock, HPCL, Leighton, Levene, Litasco Mocoh Emadeb, AA Rano, North West, Ocean Bed (Sahara), Petraco, Petrogras, Propetrol, Prudent, Sacoil, SEER, Setana Energy, Setraco, Shoreline, Socar, Sonara, Ultimate Gas, Voyage, West African Gas, Zitts and Lords, ZR Energy (Trafigura) Obat Oil & Gas Total, Oando, Masters Energy, Sahara Group and NNPC’s Duke Oil.

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