Miss Ewah, Queen of Humanity 2019 contestants

The residents of  the Nigerian capital city of Abuja and its environs are in joyous mood following high level preparation for hosting one of the most spectacular beauty contest in the history of pegeantry popularly known as ‘Queen of Humanity Nigeria’. Scheduled to take place at the the prestigious Royal Choice Inn opposite the Central Bank of Nigeria at Central business District on Friday, the 25th of October by 4.00 pm, the event promises to be the best of its kind. Enertainers and Entertainment enthusiast, Fashion lovers and modelling spectators, prctitioners and investors are trooping into the city from all parts of the world to be part of the great occasion

According to Miss Ewah Martina, one of the contestants of the coveted crown the event is going to be mouth-watering and utterly unique in many ways and nobody should allow himself or herself to miss the opportunity to participate in viewing it live by himslf or herself. “Anybody that misses to avail himself or herself of this rare chance is like missing the eclipse of the sun which takes a long time to reoccur” She said beaming with a captivating smile.

According to Miss Ewah, Tickets are available in various categories ranging from economy (N3,000), premium (5,000),Gold (N50, 000) to ulimate (N100, 000) to create room for all levels of personalities to have the chance of being part of the historic moment. She advised interested participant to call 09039371261 or 08063086683 for tickets and reservation cautioning people to buy before the rush hours.

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