Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, and it’s environ are set for the 2019 regional convention which will hold at their assembly hall in Kwali Area council, Abuja.


The three day regional convention with the theme, ‘Love Never Fails’  has been divided into 13 sections and will begin  from the week of September 13 to 15 and  last till December 27-29.


Media Contacts for Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Conventions (Northern Region),  Folarin Odebode  said  that an anticipated attendance of 24,000 members will grace  the convention expected to be conducted in English, Yoruba, Igbo and Pidgin languages.


Odebode said the convention will examine how Bible principles can help people in practical ways as well as illustrate the positive influence love can have on people and also bring them together irrespective of their diverse backgrounds.


He disclosed that Friday program will address how love can help people surmount obstacles such as a troubled upbringing, chronic illness, or poverty.


‘’Saturday’s program will consider how Bible principles can help husbands, wives, and children to show love for one another. However, Sunday’s program will include a public Bible discourse entitled, “True Love in a Hate-Filled World—Where? will make clear how showing love is helping millions of people worldwide to overcome prejudice and hatred.




The Bible discourse according him will address how to overcoming prejudice and hatred even as he noted that the conventions of Jehovah’s Witness are free to the public and no collections taken.


Odebode said that the ‘Love Never Fails’ convention of Jehovah’ Witnesses is global and span across six continents with over 200 countries presented in over 400 languages.


‘’In this hate-filled world, love can be found. Learn what real love is, where to find it, and how to show it and have it shown in return. A two-part feature film entitled,‘’The Story of Josiah: Love Jehovah; Hate What Is Bad’’ will be shown and would teach members  how Josiah grew up surrounded by bad influences, but he became known for “his deeds of loyal love.’’


He disclosed that thousand new members would be ordained through water baptism as a symbol of their dedication to Jehovah to continue doing his will.


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