By Raphael Ekpang
Angry residents of Jahi 1 in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja on Monday morning attacked staff of Abuja Electricity Distribution Company ( AEDC) over attempt by the later to disconnect their light.
The AEDC staff have come as usual to disconnect cables connected to subscribers who are yet to pay their March light bill, but their attempt met with solid resistant from residents of the area who came out against them.
They however, came after them with the intention to beat them, but one of the residents came to their rescue when he open his house gate for them and prevent angry residents from gaining entrance.
Instant Africa learn that, it took the effort of their superior who came and pleaded with the residents and ordered his staff to re-connect the cables they have disconnected already which they did.
We also gathered that AEDC staff claimed that they have not been paid their March salaries, therefore, the only way to survive in the face of the Covid-19 lockdown was to make money from the disconnection.
Meanwhile, our reporter reported that the AEDC staff met shortly and agreed to move to another area with the understanding among them that anywhere there is resistant they will leave for another and where there is no resistant they will make their money.

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