Hon. Benjamin Kalu representing Bendel Federal Constituency


By Raphael Ekpang

Like the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure” The representing of Bendel Federal Constituency at the national assembly, Hon. Benjamin Kalu has perfected plans to train 30 health workers from his Constituency on World Health Oganisation (WHO) approved guidelines for the prevention of the spread of Coronavirus pandemic within his Constituency.

Kalu, who is also the spokesman of the House of Reps in a statement said, he has set up Bendel Representative Covid-19 Task Force to help curtail the possible outbreak of the pandemic within his Constituency.

The training according to the lawmaker will commence on Tuesday March 31, 2020.

The statement in full:

“Dear People of Bende, a few months ago, the world began to experience the ravaging effects of COVID-19, a new and highly contagious strain of Coronavirus which attacks the respiratory system of infected persons. Unfortunately, this virus pandemic has now reached our shores with 89 confirmed cases in Nigeria as at the time of this release. In order to curtail the spread of the virus, there is a need to comply with all protocols and guidelines issued by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) as well the Federal and State Governments. All indigenes of Bende Federal Constituency are therefore encouraged to observe the following basic precautions:

Wash your hands frequently
Avoid touching your eyes, mouth & nose
Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze
Avoid crowded places
Stay at home if you feel sick even with a slight fever and cough
If you have a fever and difficulty breathing seek medical care early
Avoid self-medication
Practice social distancing
“As part of our way of supporting the efforts of the Federal Government as well as the Government of Abia State in combating the pandemic, I have set up the Bende Representative COVID-19 Task Force to operate with 3 emergency vehicles around the Constituency for the sensitization of our people and the provision of rapid response to any health emergencies.

“I am also in partnership with the emergency response team at Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Umuahia as well as the MD of FMC Umuahia, Dr. Onyebuchi, to train select Bende healthcare personnel on World Health Organization (WHO) approved guidelines for preventing the spread of Coronavirus. These trainees will form the Bende Representative COVID-19 Emergency Health Corps. The training shall commence on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 after which the Emergency Health Corps will be discharged, not only to sensitize people of Bende, but to manage the COVID-19 Special Desks in all 13 identified health centres in Bende Federal Constituency. A total of 30 health workers from Bende are currently being shortlisted for this training and will be paid by the Constituency Office.

“Additionally, I have deployed thousands of relief supplies and hygiene materials through the Task Force for distribution around all communities in the constituency; they include; face masks, hand sanitizers, hand gloves, washing soaps, thermometers and various food items. Distribution of these items will begin immediately after the training next week.

“In the face of this pandemic, I encourage all people of Bende not to despair, believing very strongly that this too shall pass. I urge every indigene of Bende to comply strictly with all public health guidelines and to minimize all unnecessary movement until the virus is under control or eradicated.

“I call on all my brothers and sisters not to see this unprecedented public health emergency as an avenue for politicking, but to seize the opportunity to reflect on our shared humanity and the importance of the social connection which we have often taken for granted.

I assure all the people of Bende Federal Constituency that I remain committed to the well-being of ndi Bende and trust that I can count on your unalloyed cooperation as we navigate through this trying time.” The statement concluded.

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