House of Reps 360 cars distribution: Information baseless, misleading- says spokesperson

Hon. Benjamin Kalu, House of Reps spokesperson
By Raphael Ekpang

The Nigerian House of Representatives has on Friday described the publication which alleged that it has commenced the distribution of cars to her 360 members at this trying moment as baseless and misleading.

House of Reps spokesperson, honourable Benjamin Kalu in a  statement on Friday said, Nigerians should disregard such information, stressing that the author is not in tune with reality otherwise, the author should have known that the house is even more concern of how to tame the monster (Coronavirus pandemic) than any other group of persons.
Kalu said, the story is rather unfortunate, addiing that the writer could not  take into cognizance the move  by the house of Reps  on Tuesday, which they introduce and passed the Emergency Economic Stimulus Bill 2020  to cushion the anticipated effect that the pandemic will likely bring into the country.
He added that the National Assembly has closed since Tuesday, in the wake of the pandemic, and most lawmakers are presently at their constituencies. Therefore, he wondered where the author of t he fake news got the story from with the intention to misleading the public.

“It has come to the attention of the House of Representatives that a newspaper report on  Friday, March  27,  2020,  had insinuated  that  the Green  Chamber is  distributing official vehicles  for  the 360 members of  the House at  this critical moment  that  the country is battling to contain the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This story is rather unfortunate at this time that Nigeria and Nigerians are striving hard to address the pandemic that has forced the Federal Government, and even the various states’ governments, to take drastic measures.

As a housee, we are not unmindful of the mood of the nation at this critical time and are committed to ensuring the country stands united in these trying times.

“It is out of that commitment that the House on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, introduced and  passed  the  Emergency  Economic  Stimulus  Bill,  2020.” The statement reads.

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