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African footballers more likely to die young?

The recent death of Ivorian footballer Cheick Tiote on the pitch brought an outpouring of sadness in the world of football. Many are asking if there is any evidence to suggest that African players are more likely to die on the pitch than other players. By Olabisi Tayo In the past few years there have been a number of […]

Playing Politics with Cholera

African journalists, Yousra Elbagir criticizes the Sudanese government’s failure to get to grips with a cholera outbreak. After 10 months, Sudan’s Ministry of Health finally confirmed that there have been 265 deaths and more than 16,000 infected cases of “acute watery diarrhoea” in 11 of the country’s 18 states. A half-admission that came only after the disease pierced the bubble of Sudan’s capital, […]

Reasoning With Sen. Gobir on NDB Bill

By Johnson Eze The first line responsibility of government is the welfare of its people. When explicitly put in proper perspective, provision of security, food, housing clothing top the list while other needs like education, tourism, transport and some luxury items follow. For any country to live up to expectations expressed in terms of providing the basic needs for its citizens, such a country must have developed […]

Awolowo: Driving Non-Oil Exports Beyond Rhetorics

By Austine Asadu Before independence and the subsequent upsurge in oil exploration and production, Nigeria was the envy of most countries in the African region and even in the global arena as the country was a major exporter of agricultural produces, with the Northern Region producing groundnuts and kolanuts, the Western Region also weighing in with an equal tonnage of cocoa while the Eastern Region […]

Governor Abubakar And The Struggle To Emancipate Bauchi State

By Austine Asadu It has all along being the sole and sinister objective of the social, political and economic elite of any society or nation to subjugate and oppress the majority of the people or the masses while cornering the wealth and lucre for their sole benefit and control. In the olden days Russia before the communist revolution, in Britain before […]

Focus on Jigawa State’s Agricultural Revolution

Alhaji Mohammed Badaru Abubakar is the governor of Jigawa State North Western Nigeria. In this interview with Correspondents, he gave an uncommon insight into the state’s agricultural transformation blueprint and his vision to put his state in global map of agriculture in the near future. Excerpts: There is a statistics released by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture on the […]

NNPC: Reflecting on Maikanti Baru’s one year in office

By Patrick Nwabueze It is just a year President Mohammadu Buhari in his executive wisdom appointed Dr Maikati Kacalla Baru to head the state owned Oil and Gas conglomerate, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) as the substantive Group Managing Director (GMD). The appointment, was remarkably a welcomed development as it was viewed as a rectification of an apparent distortion of the establishment act of the corporation, having […]

Dr Hassan Dankwanbo, A Hero For All Seasons

By Segun Adeyemi While it could be correct to posit that some people are born great and others achieve greatness by their deeds or attributes, it is fair to assume that nobody is born a hero as that status can only be achieved by one’s actions or orientation, therefore the assumption of heroship or heroic status is made of much sterner stuff than the […]

Burkina Faso: Dealing with Uncertainty and Insecurity

As Burkina Faso grapples with increasing threats of terrorism there are fears that the country may lose control of its troubled Northern region to extremists following persistent attacks on troops and civilians in the region. By Reuben Nwankwo Apprehension is gradually creeping into Burkina Faso in the wake of U.S. State Department warning to Americans living in […]

Governor Atiku Bagudu’s Impressive Midterm Scorecard

By Patrick Nwabueze When Governor Atiku Badugu took over the reins of state authority on May 29th 2015, Kebbi state was indeed in a parlous state as the condition of educational, health, power, agriculture, roads and water borehole infrastructure was nothing to write home about and something needed to be done to drastically turn around conditions in the Land of Equity if the […]