Asiwaju of Africa,

“You never apologize for God’s blessing on your life, but never wear it as a badge of superiority. It is a call for good works (service)”-Anonymous.

“Asiwaju” as fondly called, is an epitome of a patriot and true democrat, an African soldier full of Passion for his country, Love for his fellow men, a Promoter of Peace of Humanity. A great Nigerian whose philanthropy and outstanding entrepreneurship has contributed immensely to the political development in Nigeria and vehemently committed to selfless service which stands him out.

My Leader, to some, you are the Leader, who believes in “We The Peoples Power”, to some, you are a Patriot, to some, you are a Nationalist while to some, you are simply Asiwaju. Whatever ways you are being described today, you handsomely deserves the accolades that comes your way, as a proven Leader of men and resources; a responsible Family Man, a Loving Husband, a Caring Father and a Mentor of Men of the First Order.

You are a Bridge Builder, an Originator of Ideas and a Pathfinder of Men Per Excellence. A renowned Reformer and Welfarist with knack for creating enabling atmosphere and environment for Talents Transformation and Creativity Empowering the Followers and Loyalists.

Asiwaju, my Leader, Mentor and Hero; you have created freedom spaces and nurtured bright ideas to blossom while you have a litted candle which provides light to illuminate the lives of others. You are not known to be selfish but always striving for the common good of the masses. From Sokoto to Calabar, Edo to Kano, Maiduguri to Enugu and from Lagos to Borno, your political academy have produced and still producing many disciples (progressives) who are blazing the trails, growing in leaps and bound with strong followership across Africa.

Let me use this opportunity to commend my Leader and pledge my unalloyed loyalty for your total dedication and service to humanity; a cause you continue to pursue with seasoned compassion and equity. It is from these sterling qualities that we continue to draw inspiration from someone like you.

My Leader, the best is yet to come, eventually, it’s not the years in your life that count; it’s the life in your years that counts.

My Leader, your enthusiasm to champion the cause of good governance in Nigeria is unparalleled. On behalf of my Family, the Boards of Nigerian Royalty Awards (NRA), Citizens Watch Advocacy Initiative (CWAI) and the Coalition of Civil Societies and Media Executives for Good Governance in Nigeria (COCMEGG), we say a happy birthday anniversary to our Leader. We wish you all the best in years to come. May your days be long filled with sunshine and beautiful colours. Happy birthday my Leader and Mentor.

Celebrating you is an honour well deserved and congratulations my Leader.

“O TO PE” Sir



Former Media Adviser to the Fmr First Lady of Nigeria. (2010-2015)


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