Chief Udensi

Following the rising insecurity manifesting in the forms of random killing and kidnapping across the country, a security expert and frontline Abia-state gubernatorial hopeful, Chief Chikwe Udensi has canvassed for provision of adequate and modern equipment for the security agents to enable them do their job effectively protecting lives and property in the country.

Chief Udensi made this remark in a media interactive session on the insecurity in the country at Abuja the federal capital territory recently. According to Chief Udensi who is also a grass root administrator, a former Secretary General of Association of Local Governments of Nigeria, ALGON as well as an interpols systems consultant, every profession needs appropriate tool to function effectively so is the job of security. ”If you are a cardiologist for example, you need those tools a cardiologist use to work” He added.

He further called on those in various positions of authority to be courageous in taking decisions towards tackling the rising crimes.

Commenting on the Farmers-Herdsmen clashes, Chief Udensi opined that if you want to do the business of rearing cows or cattle, you should do it in an enclosure. “It is quite unreasonable for a cattle rearer to allow his cattle to stray into peoples’ farm and eat up or destroy their crops. Cattle rearing is a business-anybody that wants to do it should rent or buy a land, fence it and do it as is practiced in other civilized parts of the world” He concluded.

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