Why Buhari Should Accede to Demands of Protesting Nigerians- NATFORCE DG

The former National Chairman Inter-party Advisory Council (IPAC) and the Director General National Taskforce to Combat Illegal Importation of Small Arms, Ammunitions, Light Weapons, Chemical Weapons and Pipelines Vandaism(NATFORCE), Chief Dr.Osita Emmanuel Okereke has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to listen to the demands of Nigerians who recently staged a peaceful protest in the Federal Capital Territory for delay by the Federal Government in appointing a new cabinet.


Chief Okereke who gave the counsel yesterday while interacting with reporters in Abuja, called on the federal government not to treat their demands for immediate formation of the Federal Executive Council with levity adding that the earlier he gather his team the better for all Nigerians and the economy in general.


He explained that protest is one of the legal means through which government could be made to act on time as long as such was done within the boundary to which the law allows and was not marked by violence and damaging of public property.


The former presidential candidate for the 2007 election equally observed that the perceived delay in the constitution of cabinet was owing to the fact that federal government was not truly in charge.


He also called on President Buhari to make sure that credible and quality Nigerians are appointed into his cabinet to enable him deliver on his campaign promises adding that since the ruling party are totally in charge of both the Executive and Legislature arms currently they should be able to deliver to the electorates nothing but good governance.


“Let the President listen attentively to the yearning of Nigerians who voted him into office, Nigerians want nothing but good governance that might mitigate all the social and infrastructural decay in the system which has given rise to insecurity, banditry, kidnapping among others.”


On NATFORCE Bill, the Director General said even though the Bill is still pending before the National Assembly where it is awaiting ratification, he expects that when members of the 9th National Assembly resumed from retreats they should work tirelessly for Nigerians and ensure that Illegal fire arms and ammunitions does not infiltrate Nigeria by unscrupulous people who continually feed fat from such illicit business.


While calling on Nigerians to be prayerful as well as support his organization in bringing an end to all forms of insecurity and kidnaping, he reminded his teaming supporters across the country of his organisation’s readiness to bring to an end all forms of social ills including illegal possession of fire arms by fraudsters.


To the federal government and the legislators, the Natforce boss appealled for better understanding emphasizing that when pass into law the Natforce bill will ensure increase revenues generation as well as create more job opportunities to unemployed graduates roaming streets in search of greener pastures.


He spoke further; “our Bill for an Act to provide for the Establishment of the National Commission for the prohibition of Illegal Importation of Small Arms, Ammunitions and Light Weapons will be charged with the responsibility to regulate and prohibit proliferation of Small Arms, ammunitions and light weapons and for other related matters.





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